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Personal Tattoo Ref by Helliotose Personal Tattoo Ref by Helliotose

Hokay, so all of this has been a long time in the making and, now that I've finally gotten the biggest (and most central) pieces of what I want done solidified and they've stayed that way for close to a year (and in light of a very important tattoo being copied. Even though it was simple, it held a lot of meaning to me and just seemed way too coincidental. Deliberate or otherwise, it fucking sucked and cheapened everything about it.), I decided to draw up a reference for all of the tattoos and piercings that I'll be getting in the future. Plus, I just thought it'd be friggin fun to see a mock up of what they might look like! Oh yeah, and since most of this is stuff that will be happening in the future, I want to point out that my hair already looks like this and I already have the tattoo at the base of my neck. I'd love to have more, but money, man, money.

There are some tattoos and concepts that aren't on here yet, namely because they aren't completely fleshed out/solidified yet and I didn't have enough room to draw even the idea of what I want. Some of this is because corresponding tattoos were revised or because I have a concept or something that I want to represent, but I don't know how I want to go about it yet. I have a few that I considered on my chest, as well, but since I need a reduction due to medical reasons. I've actually been told this by several medical doctors starting about 6 years ago, give or take. While you may think that this is TMI, I'm saying it for a reason. If you, uh, really want to know more, I guess you could just ask. I'm not a closed book, but I think personal things should be kept personal. My boobs are my personal business so unless you want to know more about it, I'm not shoving it down anyone's throat. 

OK SO HERE'S THE JUICY PART. Here are my tattoo's meanings:
**Before we go on, I'd like to say that a lot of my tattoos are philosophically and ideology based. I'm not exactly Christian. I have my own beliefs and ideas of how things came to be and associate more on the pagan side of things. I don't shove my beliefs down anyone's throats, so don't shove yours down mine. If you'd like to have a civil discussion and share ideas and beliefs, though, hit me up! I love hearing about other people's beliefs!


Celtic Cross:

My best friend VixenTimelord (like super duper best friend) asked me to go with her to get a scar done. We've literally been through hell in back. I'm not sure how we've managed to not hate each other's guts, but somehow all that shit just made us closer, so of course, I couldn't say no. To me, the fact that it's a scar represents the trial we've been through together. It hurt a shit ton and it really sucked while it was going on, but the result was worth it and resulted in one of the best and closest relationships that I've ever had. Regardless of if we go our separate ways, we've made our marks on each other's lives. 

I flip flopped between an inverted cross (the Petrine Cross or Cross of the Martyr. That particular cross has a lot of meaning to me and has nothing to do with satanism) or the Russian Orthodox Cross. Both of them hold a lot of meaning to me, but in the end I settled on the Celtic Cross. It represents my pride in my Gallic heritage and, as one of the oldest patterns for tarot card readings, the possibilities for my future. I couldn't properly put down what I wanted because the image is too tiny, but it's going to be made with a Celtic knot pattern. When I have a reference, I'll upload it.

Lucifer's Sigil:

Firstly, I am not a Satanist. Not in the slightest. I want this as scarification to remind myself that bad choices sometimes have lasting consequences. There's also someone in my life who, even though they've caused me a lot of pain, are a permanent fixture. We used to be very, very close but this was a long time ago, when I was little. I still have hope that he'll change, even though I don't think that he will, but I miss him a lot. This symbol is closely associated with him. If you think that I'm talking about you, I can promise that I'm not. Don't flatter yourself.


Archangel Gabriel's Sigil:

I actually already have this one, woo! It's the tattoo at the base of my neck. Gabriel presides over my birth month and has been a hugely guiding and even protective force in my life.

All three wings:

I'm just going to come out and say that I'm angelkin, which is why a lot of my tatts are so angel-y (my words are dying orz). A lot of them have to do with stuff I've been through in this life, though. It's weird saying it out loud, but hey, I am what I am. There's a lot of deeper meaning behind these wings, but it really is a lot, so I'll type it all up later. Before I added the other two pairs, the pair on my shoulder were supposed to be in conjunction with Gabriel's Sigil. It was supposed to represent being lifted up in dark times and support and stuff. They still do, but there's added meaning when combined with the rest.

Venus (behind my ear):

I know it's the symbol for the female gender, but here it's meant as the astrological sign for Venus. It's closely tied to the person I mentioned before, but it's a tattoo and not a scar because, over time tattoos do fade. Beauty isn't permanent and neither is power and glory. 

Compass Rose and the Archangels (abdomen):

All the angels and their corresponding directions. Other than the angels, the compass rose will be left blank so that it can double as a chaos star. It represents change and NatakuXeden. I may come up with a chaos wheel elsewhere on my body, as well.


This tattoo is centered around celebration and rejoicing and, is the tattoo that was copied. I had wanted it to be my first tattoo, but I put it off because it had been cheapened. There's some deep shit that I've been through in life, a lot of it inflicted by a very religious father who was a pastor. I've wanted this tattoo for several years because I feel like I've overcome a lot of that and, even though I have my problems, I'm able to stand on my own and am not a completely broken down mess. I chose hallelujah because of it's direct religious connection. In a way, I'm glad that I waited because the tattoo has a lot more meaning. More has happened in the past few years and a certain part of me has overcome a pretty large hurdle and become a lot more healthy. I'm also starting to slowly patch things up with my father.

I write it out this way because I was in a hurry and couldn't get it to look just right, but I want it done in Hebrew.


It's a little fox running and peaking around my ankle, ha. It's again, representing VixenTimelord. She's a therian and her kin type is a red fox.

Deathly Hallows Always:

What can I say? I'm a huge Potterhead, haha. I love Harry Potter and grew up as he did. The last movie came out the year before I graduated hs, so I spent literally my entire childhood waiting for the next installment be it book or movie, and I just have a lot of feelings for it.

Other/Works in Progress:
Like I mentioned, there are a lot, but these are some small ones that I namely just don't know exactly where I want them or have a few tiny details to fix


This is for my mom who has always been there for me and always will be, even when I haven't necessarily appreciated it. It's so small and simple because, ideally, my mother hadn't wanted me to go overboard with the tattoos and had wanted me to wait until I was on my own and making my own life decisions before I got any. I couldn't leave her out, though, because she's a truly good person and has been through so much bullshit in her life.

Music Notes:

For my little sis. She's extremely musical and wants to go into music education. We both went through band, but, unlike me, she really ran with it. She sings and plays the baritone.

Die Adelige:

This is the other possible tattoo for my sister, and the one I'm more leaning towards. Her name means lady or princess in Hebrew and die Adelige means lady, as in a noblewoman, in German. German is both of our language of choice and I spent some time in Germany on an exchange the summer of my graduation (I want to go back so, so, SO badly) and my sister will be taking part in the same exchange.


Industrial Bar:

This is the first piercing that I really wanted and I've wanted it ever since I first saw it.

Snake Bites:

These piercings belong to an oc/alter of mine who means a lot. 

Spider Bites:

Not long after the industrial bar, I fell in love with spider bites. I think that this is actually the next thing that I'll get done.


I really love the look of a monroe and the farthest lip and I've been told I'd look good with it.

Nostril Piercing:

The only real reason I want this is for the earring chain. I'd wear something in it from time to time just to keep it from closing up, otherwise.


I've always really liked these piercings, but I was further inspired by NatakuXeden (no, they don't have on, ha). I'm  kind of on the fence about it, though, because I'm not sure how I'd look with it.

Double Lobe Piercings:

I already have these, but I'll probably need to get at least the second pair done again. I got them when I was little right before my tomboy faze, so they've closed up. It's been a minute since I've tried to put anything in them.

Body Mods:

Elf Ear Mod: 

I've always been really into elves since about as long as I can remember. They're my favourite of most fantasy creatures (ha, original, ikr?), especially the Tolkien variety. My favourites from traditional legend are the Norse elves. 

I want a lot of tattoos and piercings. Some of them are still in the works and all of them are very personal. More will be added : )</b></h3>

Tattoos (c) me
Base (c) rika-dono
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BrujaBear Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you have some awesome tattoos, and personally the wings are my favs!
Helliotose Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! I like the wings a lot, too, but holy crap, they're going to be EXPENSIVE.
BrujaBear Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
how expensive??
Helliotose Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The artist that I talked to said that he would have to see detailed drawings of them to give me a true quote, but from what I had described to him, he said that he would most likely charge by the hour. He charges 200 USD an hour, ha. I most likely won't be going to him, though, because I didn't really click with his art that well. I'm willing to spend a pretty large chunk of change on them, but I'm not going to pay for something I'm not absolutely in love with.
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